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Volkswagen. Das Auto... to be continued.

We say “Volkswagen” and think “Germany”. We say “Volkswagen Beetle” and think “60-ties, freedom and rock-n- roll”.

Volkswagen, one of the tycoons of the German car industry, started its activity in 1933. The first car models appeared in late 1930-ies. Late 1940-ties were marked by the start of the company’s rapid development. The models that were launched during the period of 30 years became real icons of that culture and style. Volkswagen Beetle became the top selling car; the record of Ford Model T was beaten.

1970-ties witnessed the launch of the new model range that corresponded to the technological requirements of the time. It was the time when the names of Passat, Polo and Golf got connected with the notions of comfort, affordability, reliability and elegance. These models were successfully renovated and modified during 1980-ies and 1990-ies and brought the Volkswagen company outstanding financial results.

With the start of new century, in early 2000-ies the growth of technologies and customers’ demands forced Volkswagen to respond to the challenges of the time. Volkswagen created, developed and introduced high-power crossovers Tiguan and Touareg that became very popular with the public due to their characteristics of comfort, performance and reliability, as well as power and off-road capability. Besides, Volkswagen successfully entered the segment of luxury cars with its new VW Phaeton and started the production of very popular Jetta sedan.

Well, it’s nearly impossible to mention all the models presented by Volkswagen, one of the leaders of the international car industry. You can see the great variety of models with your own eyes while navigating our online catalogue of Volkswagen parts and accessories. Simply choose the model, click the needed year and enjoy the most detailed information you‘ve ever found in the Internet.