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Volkswagen Group

Hello, our friends! Surely, the fact that we see you in our online catalogue means that you are fond of cars and appreciate high-quality, great history, strong positions and good reputation at the market. You will agree this is all about Volkswagen Group, the undisputed leader of the European car industry and one of the major players at the international car market.

Our online Volkswagen catalogue is for you if you are:

  • Searching for the needed parts – you will definitely find the very Volkswagen Group part you need;
  • Interested in the history of Volkswagen Group cars – our catalogue contains the widest range of car models (even discontinued ones);
  • Trying to get to the bottom of the technical configuration – you will find the most detailed set of parts and accessories for each car model;
  • Eager to share your ideas and experience with the audience of car lovers.

Who can’t answer the question what Volkswagen is? Maybe those who were born prior to 1937 (when Volkswagen AG was established) and are living on the isolated island without any connection to the world. Or babies who can’t talk. The remaining community can easily answer it as Volkswagen has become a part of our lives and our culture. Why that happened? It’s easy! Just look:

  • Volkswagen is one of the TOP world car manufacturers;
  • Volkswagen Group is more than 340 companies dealing with the car manufacturing and car services providing;
  • Volkswagen Group unites TOP car producers each of which is a part of TOP 20 World Car Manufacturers. Look at these brands: AUDI, Porche, Bentley, Lamboghini, Bugatti, Skoda, SEAT. All of them are Volkswagen;
  • Volkwagen is more than 26000 cars produced per day.

We are real fans of Volkswagen cars and this is the major reason why we have launched this project. Here we have collected the most complete catalogue of Volkswagen parts with comprehensive description and technical details.

Our catalogue is:

  • The fullest and the most convenient database of spare parts for the cars produced by the leaders of the European and world car industry: AUDI, Volkswagen, Skoda and SEAT;
  • User-friendly interface and clear structure of the website with easy and fast navigation (all the parts are divided by models and years of manufacture);
  • Constant improvement of the website performance in accordance with the requirements and wishes of our audience and friends.

Our catalogue is created by real car fans and for real car fans. We are glad to welcome the like-minded fellows here and appreciate your being here and living any feedback for us to make our catalogue the most useful for you.